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SUU 2012: local startups, global outlook

For the fifth time this year, StartUp Underground holds its annual conference on the 8 March, showcasing the most promising local startups and inquisiting the secret behind international success.  

Local startup community's first event of the season, StartUp Underground kicks off on the 8 March in Corvin movie theatre, with the scope to explore the possibilities of Hungarian startups to enter the world stage. The event will be opened by a speech from Georges Noel, president of the European Venture Capital Association, entitled “Startups for global economic growth.”

The program includes a startup contest, to which the organizers got 63 applications. This number clearly indicates the popularity of the event and the maturing of the market, and also another important trend: that startups are not equal to hightech micro-enterprises. This year, one-third of the applications can be categorized in other, more traditional sectors, such as mechanics or manufacturing.

The eight finalists were selected on Monday: online platform builder Ingrido, Basewalk's workforce-registry solution, agile software development Karma Platform, flexible digital table Dimeboard, 3D dynamometer Optoforce, beverage producer Magyar Czider, digital holographic microscope developer Dunascope and electricity consumption manager Remargine. They will compete for the prizes that range from programming consulting through office rental to software licenses.

During the afternoon, English sessions take place featuring presentations from Singularity University CEO Rob Nail and Meetup founder Matt Maker, and also a special workshop by Founder Institute. In a separate competition, startups will have the opportunity to win a $30,000 grant to Singularity University in the Silicon Valley, USA.

Even if not among the winners, by attending, startups can hope for a success story like's, the founders of which sat in the same conference taking notes three years ago, and now list themselves among the sponsors of the event. (Anikó Jóri-Molnár)