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Sun Microsystems revenue up 17% in 2005

Revenue at Sun Microsystems' Hungarian unit increased 17% in dollar terms in 2005, and the unit's stock of orders rose 37%, managing director Gábor Hegedűs announced on Thursday. In 2006, the unit expects to see a similar increase in the first half of the year, but growth in the second half will depend on the effects of Hungary's parliamentary elections in April, Hegedűs said. Last year, Hungary's public sector started making purchases, and banks and financial companies started upgrading systems bought in 2000 and 2001, Hegedűs said, adding that competition in the financial sector was especially fierce. IT investments in the energy sector also picked up, but IT investments by telecommunications companies stagnated as they concentrated on building their third-generation wireless services networks.


The unit is offering a wider variety of services and equipment to clients to keep up with the market, Hegedűs said, noting that companies no longer buy just computers, but computers bundled with software and services.