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State secretary announces HUF 13 bln worth of innovation tenders

State secretary of the National Economy Ministry (NGM) Zoltán Cséfalvay announced on Monday that the first round of this year's innovation tenders, worth HUF 13.4 billion, has been published.

The state secretary noted that five tenders were published on March 30 for Research and Technology Innovation Funds--three tenders worth a combined HUF 1.4 billion to support participation in the European Union R+D general program, one tender to provide HUF 6 billion in support to the R+D/innovation projects of large companies and one tender for HUF 6 billion in support to market-oriented R+D projects of SMEs in central Hungary.

Cséfalvay said it is the first time since summer 2010 that R+D tenders can be published from domestic funds as the innovation fund contained HUF 100 billion worth of commitments without coverage.

The state secretary said companies, universities, institutions can submit applications for grants worth a combined HUF 74.6 billion in H1 2012, including HUF 36 billion from the Hungarian innovation fund and HUF 38.6 billion from European Union funding. A total of HUF 23.5 billion is available for ongoing tenders, HUF 13.4 billion for the tenders called on Friday, while tenders worth HUF 21.9 billion will be announced at the end of April and further tenders worth HUF 15.8 billion in June.