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Stadler Rail submits offer in GYSEV railway vehicle tender

One single offer - by Stadler Rail AG - was submitted by the January 3 deadline in the tender called by regional railway company GYSEV, owned by the states of Hungary and Austria, to purchase railway multiple units, the railway company told MTI on Wednesday.

The tender was called for the purchase - co-funded with European Union funds - of four regional electric multiple units, including putting into operation, services and supply of spare parts for 20 years.

The estimated value of the purchase is HUF 6bn.

GYSEV said the offer will be evaluated in the next two weeks. If the application complies with the tender conditions, the company will have 30 days to submit a quote.

The result is scheduled to be announced and the contract to be signed in early April, GYSEV told MTI.

Stadler has been present on the Hungarian market since 2005 through three subsidiaries, and currently employs 300 workers in the country.

It won contracts in 2006 to supply and maintain 30+30 Flirt railway vehicle units for MAV.

The Stadler group has so far invested more than HUF 9bn in Hungary. The Pusztaszabolcs (C Hungary) railway vehicle maintenance unit started operating in 2007 after investment of HUF 2.7bn. An aluminium railway vehicle case welding unit was established in Szolnok in 2009 after investment of HUF 6.7bn.