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Spanish Sedesa sets out for Sávoly

One of the largest Spanish property investment companies Sedesa is to carry out a giant investment in the vicinity of Sávoly, a small village in Somogy county (South-west Hungary), Spanish businessmen announced at the village community-center yesterday. 

President of the Sedesa group Vincente Cotino promises that the village itself is to benefit from the project as well. Within the framework of the 252 hectare investment, an industrial and logistic center will be built on 102 hectares, while a residential park, two hotels and a golf course suitable to host international golf competitions will be established on 150 hectares. In response to daily Magyar Hírlap questions, Vincente Cotino said the total cost of the investment will add up to some ft 100 billion (€400 million, $531 million) adding that the company chose the site in the Eastern-Central-European region as its location is ideal from the point of traffic and transportation. The logistic center will be established at a strategic location, along a main route between Moscow and the Adriatic. (Magyar Hirlap, Napi Gazdaság)