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Slovakia: Foreign investors fill space in Nitra industrial parks

Foreign investors last year occupied all available space at the industrial parks of Nitra-Sever (North) and Nitra-Juh (South), launching manufacturing or unveiling plans to do so this year – reports SK Today.

In Nitra-Sever, two companies launched their production, with another six planning to do so in 2008. Eight firms are currently setting their sights on the industrial park of Nitra-Juh, and another plant is being built in the vicinity. Japanese electronic giant Sony began the construction of its plant in Nitra-Sever in January 2007, with the launch of mass production of LCD television sets in October. In the first three months of 2008, it is due to expand its production and will officially open a new facility in April 2008.

The company is to invest a total of €73 million, while at the same time it is due to create 3,000 new job vacancies. In the summer of 2007, Sony announced the construction of a logistics center in the park, with the related expenses amounting to 890 million Slovak koruna (€26.5 million, $39 million). In 2008 plants of Sony’s suppliers, Ryoka Global Europe and Daidong Slovakia, will also start operating. The Japanese company Ryoka is to invest 300 million koruna ($13.2 million) into the construction of a facility for production of plastic and metal components for LCD TV sets, while creating about 320 jobs. Japanese-Korean company Daidong is to invest about 350 million koruna and build a plant to manufacture plastic frames for LCD TV sets at the beginning of summer 2008. Austria’s Industrial Cables invested 370 million koruna in its plant that opened here last April, creating 90 new jobs. It also has plans to expand production in the next four years. Other companies arriving to set up factories producing goods for the auto industry in Nitra-North are France’s Steep Plast investing 400 million koruna in a plastic-components factory, German-based Gretsch-Unitas investing 400 million koruna in door equipment, and Dutch company Polimoon Group B.V subsidiary Promens (173 million koruna or $7.6 million).

Plant construction in Nitra-South is to begin in the Q1 with small and medium-sized entrepreneurs focusing on logistics and light and ecology-related industries. Germany’s Muhlbauer is set to build a software-development center manufacturing to order. (