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Sláger owner reconsiders departure

US-based Emmis International has announced it has reconsidered its earlier plans after its Sláger Rádió station lost its national broadcasting license under controversial circumstances recently.

Afterwards the company said it would terminate all of its activities in Hungary and leave. Now, the company’s chairwoman in Budapest, Barbara Mills released a statement saying that Emmis will do everything in its power to get Sláger up and running again.

Emmis said that it appreciates the reaction that followed the decision of the media content regulator ORTT in awarding the two national frequencies to new radios.

The Hungarian government was targeted by the embassies of nine nations urging greater transparency in the country, while Emmis also welcomed Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai’s concerns over the matter. Emmis did not specify how it plans to restart broadcasting. (Gazdasági Rádió)