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SkyEurope to commence RNP program with assistance from Naverus

SkyEurope Airlines of Bratislava, Slovakia has engaged Naverus to perform an RNP Readiness Assessment in preparation for RNP operations. RNP (Required Navigation Performance) brings together the accuracy of GPS (Global Positioning System), the capabilities of advanced aircraft avionics, and new flight procedures to achieve safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly flight operations.

Airlines can realize millions of dollars in fuel savings by utilizing carefully engineered RNP flight paths. The Professional Services Team at Naverus has begun an RNP Readiness Assessment project at SkyEurope Airlines in an effort to help the airline begin RNP operations using its fleet of modern Boeing 737NG aircraft.

This Readiness Assessment is addressing forecasted RNP financial benefits, compliance with RNP regulatory requirements, an evaluation of network-wide operational and safety enhancements and an overview of the operational approval process. The Assessment also includes a flight crew survey the results of which will provide valuable input for designing SkyEurope's RNP program. „SkyEurope has a clear mission to be the RNP leader in Europe and this is a major step towards achieving this goal.

We have already invested considerably in equipping our young Boeing 737NG aircraft with the avionics necessary for RNP operations and are working together with Naverus and Boeing on implementing this exciting feature. RNP will ensure more reliable operations under any weather conditions, reduce flight times and fuel consumption while at the same time enhancing safety,” said Peter Pelec, Flight Operations Manager of SkyEurope Airlines. Since the initial success of RNP at terrain-challenged airports, the repeatability and precision of RNP is now being relied upon at all types of airports to reduce fuel burn, improve operations, and benefit the environment.

„The Naverus RNP Readiness Assessment is the first step in the implementation of a successful RNP program. Departments throughout the SkyEurope organization will participate in the Assessment to establish a foundation for company-wide benefits realization,” said David Hathaway, Naverus Vice President of Professional Services. (prnewswire, press release)