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Skanska terminates use of high-priced tokens

Entrust IdentityGuard's simple grid card-based authenticator to replace competitor's high-priced tokens.

The ability to deploy an efficient, interoperable versatile authentication solution is a vital capability in today’s security-driven landscape. Skanska, an $18.3 billion international construction services corporation, was no exception to this movement and looked to the Entrust, Inc. versatile authentication platform, Entrust IdentityGuard.

The Swedish-based organization opted to leave a high-priced competitor in favor of Entrust’s cost-effective authentication solution. In an effort to safeguard access, reduce cost and ease deployment logistics, Skanska replaced a competitor’s expensive hardware tokens for Entrust IdentityGuard’s convenient grid-based authentication option. In all, 5,000 Skanska end-users worldwide, plus a possible 20,000 contractors, will make the switch to the easy-to-use authenticator.

“The transition to Entrust IdentityGuard’s grid-based authentication solution was seamless and very easy for our end-users,” said Thomas Keisu, IT Security Manager at Skanska. “The grid cards are easy to produce and distribute to our various branches across the world, making this an extremely attractive option when searching for alternative authentication options.” Skanska will leverage the grid cards to replace 5,000 tokens worldwide. The authentication solution will secure a variety of enterprise resources (e.g., VPN, SSL Proxy) and plans are to later expand the solution to safeguard external third parties, possibly up to 20,000 additional users.

This same implementation will be used to secure consumers to ensure the identities of those involved in any online communications and transactions with Skanska. “Skanska saw an opportunity to reduce cost and increase ease of use with a simple, efficient deployment of a grid card-based authentication solution,” said Entrust Chairman, President and CEO Bill Conner. “In addition, they will be able to scale the solution to meet the security needs of various groups they feel require additional levels of access.

This is a smart, proactive choice and will play a strong role as part of a layered security strategy.” Security grid authentication not only offers a secure, cost-effective and easy method to authenticate users, it also provides built-in mechanisms for mutual authentication. These mutual authentication methods significantly increase the user’s defense against online identity attacks and make it difficult to perpetrate fraud against an organization. The award-winning Entrust IdentityGuard solution is an open versatile authentication platform that enables enterprises to layer security across diverse users, transactions and applications - all according to risk assessment. It is a common-sense approach to strong authentication that allows organizations to apply the right level of strong authentication tailored to the assessed risk for the access or transaction that the user is performing.

An organization can layer open versatile authentication methods – including physical authentication and mutual authentication - across different users and transaction types. Additional Entrust IdentityGuard authentication options include one-time-password tokens, biometrics, questions and answers, out-of-band, one-time passcodes and mutual authentication through picture replay. Since its founding in 1887, Skanska has established a global network of operations in Sweden, the United States, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Latin America. The Skanska Group has approximately 56,000 employees (2006) and posted revenue of $18.3 billion in 2006. (