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Six energy providers launched a joint awareness campaign on energy consumption

Be an energy-conscious consumer! - that's the name of the joint campaign, six gas and electricity providers, with the technical support of Hungarian Energy Office (MEH), launched to increase energy efficiency.

The collaboration is unprecedented as the competing companies of the energy market joined efforts for a common purpose for the first time. The campaign aims to change the behaviour of consumers. The face of the campaign is Antónia Erőss, the newsreader of television channel RTL Klub.

The aim of the joint action ending in October is to change consumer behaviour and to shape up rational consuption habits. During the campaign, energy providers give tips on energy efficiency to costumers.

"Determining the charges for natural gas and electricity are mainly in the responsibility of MEH, however, it must not be forget, that over these fees, the bill is mostly affected by the amount of energy consumed, that is in the responsability of the customer. If someone could wisely or as we call it: efficiently - consume energy, expenses can be significantly reduced, President of MEH, Péter Horváth said on the press conference announcing the start of the campaign on Tuesday.