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Siemens signs deal to update Ukraine steel plant

  Germany’s Siemens has signed a deal with Ukraine’s Zaporizhstal steel mill, worth several hundred million euros, to replace old open-hearth steel facilities with modern converters, it said on Tuesday.


“This metallurgical complex will be capable of producing 4.7 million tons of carbon steel grades per year for a wide range of industrial applications,” Siemens said in a statement. “Following start-up of the oxygen steelmaking facilities scheduled to begin in late 2010, Zaporizhstal JSC will eventually terminate its open-hearth-steelmaking production and ingot-casting route.”

The company did not give an exact cost to update the large mill. Zaporizhstal was not available for comment.

Zaporizhstal’ raw steel production fell by 3% to 2.922 million tons in the first eight months of the year. The plant’s steel output in 2007 increased to 4.457 million tons from 4.401 million in 2006. (Reuters)