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Shiraz group to open HUF 2.2 bln hotel in Bükk

The Shiraz group will officially open a HUF 2.2 billion hotel in Felsőtárkány, in the Bükk Hills (NE Hungary), on Saturday, the four-star Bambara Hotel told MTI.

Shiraz group expects to recoup its investment on the 66-room West African-themed hotel in 10-12 years. The group received a HUF 500m grant for the construction of the hotel, which started in August of last year.

The hotel was originally to have had 90-100 rooms when preparations started in the autumn of 2008, but Shiraz group scaled down the plan because of the changed market environment. Shiraz group could still expand the hotel with a further 50 rooms and a spa.

The hotel's conference room has capacity for 300 people at present.