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Sharp announces ultra-thin 52-inch TV, Russian subsidiary

Japanese electronics giant Sharp presented the prototype of an ultra-thin flat-screen television measuring just two centimeters thick to reporters in Tokyo Wednesday.

The 52-inch liquid-crystal display (LCD) television screen is a quarter as thin as the company’s previous thinnest model, which was 8.1 centimeters thick. The new model also uses half as much energy as the previous leading model, now consuming 140 kilowatt-hours of electricity per annum. Sharp said it hoped to have the model in mass production by 2010.

“What we are presenting here is by far the thinnest (screen) with the lowest energy consumption,” Sharp’s president Mikio Katayama told reporters. The company said that it had also a new sales subsidiary in Moscow to boost sales of LCD televisions in the popular Aquos series in the rapidly growing Russian market. The new office would sell LCD TVs assembled in Sharp’s new factory in Poland, which started operations in July. Sharp plans to sell 46- and 57-inch TVs and other large-screen models in Russia. Sharp’s German subsidiary was previously responsible for sales to the Russian market. (