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Sells like cold water

Mineral water tops the list of the most popular products these days. Grocery stores asked by MTI on Wednesday said they have sold 20-30% more mineral water and beer over the last few days when temperatures reached well over 30 degrees Celsius, and they expect to sell more in the coming days as the heat wave continues.

Grocery store chain CBA chief of communications Attila Fodor told MTI that mineral water sales has come to an average of 2,500-3,000 bottles per store during the heat wave, nearly double the usual amount.

In addition to the hot weather, the appearance of flavored mineral waters also plays a role in the increased demand for such products. Many people who used to drink sodas before now consume flavored mineral waters, Fodor added.

Auchan Magyarország communications director Katalin Gillemot said the chain's sales in mineral water has jumped 25-30%, with one Auchan store selling at least 15,000 bottles of mineral water in a single day.

Tesco stores have also sold these days double the amount they do in cooler days. The majority of customers look for own-branded products and flavored waters. Sales of carbonated mineral water jumped the most, but still waters are also popular.

Besides mineral water, Hungarians also have a thirst for beer. At CBA stores, sales volume has doubled or even tripled in some cases, and flavored and alcohol-free beers also sells well, Fodor said.

Auchan reported that beer sales have increased 20% amid the torrid temperatures, and Tesco has registered a 20-30% boost in beer sales during the heat wave. As a product with favorable price/value ratio, beers bottled in large PET bottles are also sought after. Many shoppers go for beers with low alcohol content, but the best-sellers at Tesco are fruit-flavored beers containing only 2% of alcohol.