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Scientists throughout Europe help Hungary preserve ancient cypress trees

A growing number of scientists throughout Europe have been volunteering to help their Hungarian colleagues preserve a discovery of eight-million-year-old cypress trees, wrote the county newspaper Észak-Magyarország on Monday.

The eight million year old Cypress trees, discovered underground in a water-soaked lignite mine in Bükkábrány, North Eeast Hungary this summer, are unique in that they are not fossilized , a factor that also renders them extremely vulnerable. A Danish research group recently volunteered to share its experience in restoring Viking sailing vessels discovered underwater, and professionals from Sweden, Norway, and Italy have also offered to help.

A Finnish parliamentary delegation and Finland\'s ambassador checked out the trees over the weekend, and offered preservation assistance. A Finnish firm is providing a set of steel tanks which will house four of the trees while being soaked in a glucose solution to reinforce their barks. The soaking will take three or four years, scientists told Észak-Magyarország. (Mti, HírTv)