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Scientists seek to domesticate sea fish

A consortium comprising universities, research institutes and businesses is launching a program aimed at the domestic production of sea fish in Hungary.

The association has won HUF 276 million in grants to add up the HUF 370 total budget of the research, which will involve introducing two species native to Australia and try to breed them locally in thermal water.

The project is motivated by the fact that following trends in western Europe, demand for boneless fish will increase thus shifting the market in favor of seaborne types over their freshwater counterparts, said László Stündl on behalf of the consortium.

Therefore as soon as H2 of 2010 the group is expecting substantial demand for its products mostly from local hospitality and catering businesses but also from exporters.

Locally bred sea fish will definitely become a competitor to the fast frozen filets common in Hungarian retail, Stündl said. (Napi Gazdaság)