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SAP World Tour aims to change corporate minds

IT business gathering SAP World Tour conference, started today in Siófok, aims to present business strategies that help companies in the times of crisis, and increase corporate efficiency by showing how a different perspective can keep them on the path of sustainability.

“The first step in the way out of crisis is to evaluate your own situation, because it is not only the analysts job. You also have to think and act different than before - nothing will be the same as it was before,” said Balázs Ablonczy, managing director of SAP Hungary in his keynote speech. Ablonczy cited a recent research about companies focusing on sustainable business models, as a way of growing even 15% more than competitors.

The other keynote speaker of the day, Central European University professor and economist László Csaba emphasized the need for short, medium and long term planning. “The crisis management phase is over - it is time to prepare for the future,” Csaba said, adding that most of the downside effects in Hungary are rather a consequence of the deep inner structural problems than the current poor performance of the global economy. (BBJ Online)