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Sanofi-aventis starts optimization at Hungary units

Sanofi-aventis has started structural optimization at its Hungarian units, Iván Rózsa, the communications director for the units, told MTI when asked about news of layoffs at the parent company's subsidiaries in Europe.

Sanofi-aventis has a sales and marketing unit in Hungary, also called sanofi-aventis, and an R&D and production unit, Chinoin Zrt.

Rózsa said there was no word of global layoffs, but of a structural optimization that would allow the group to meet industry challenges. The program started in 2009, first of all in the R&D area, and the changes are continuing in the European sales units from this year, he added.

The restructuring in the R&D area means Chinoin will get a new research portfolio for treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, he said. The process has only just started in Hungary, and things happen differently in different countries, thus it cannot be said yet what will happen at the Hungarian sales and marketing unit, he added.

The restructuring is not about cost-cutting and redundancies, but small layoffs could be possible in the long term, Rózsa said. This does not mean that sanofi-aventis/Chinoin's role in Hungary will be diminished, he added.