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Safety questioned at Ferihegy

There is a malfunctioning piece of equipment at Ferihegy - the international airport of Hungary - that endangers safe landings at the international airport, according to one of the trade unions (MLSzSz).

On Hungary's Budapest international airport, Ferihegy, measurements of wind speeds may be inaccurate, and are likely to be stronger than indicated by the equipment. The trade union listed a number of instances, when landing was consequently unsafe. However, the observation was refused by the air traffic controller Hungarocontrol Zrt.

MLSzSz came forward with its concerns following an incident involving a GermanWings plane on Saturday, when the pilot could only touch down with the second attempt, deeming the conditions unsafe the first time around. The controller said it had reliable data and handled the matter according to the set legal regulations. (Gazdasági Rádió)