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Ryanair to withdraw from Budapest

Low-cost airline Ryanair is to withdraw its flights from Budapest Ferihegy International Airport from October after failing to reach agreement with Budapest Airport on a reduction of the fees charged for using Ferihegy airport, Ryanair said at a press conference.

Budapest Airport says it is not concerned, asserting that the vacancy left by Ryanair will soon be filled by competitors.

Ryanair currently operates flights to Bristol, Dublin, East Midlands Airport and Glasgow's Prestwick Airport. The company was unable to achieve a reduction in fees even though it pledged to launch 25 new flights, it was reported by the online versions of several newspapers.

Ryanair said the new flights could have brought 2 million passengers per year within 1-2 years for Ferihegy Airport, in exchange for which the airline would have expected a significant reduction in airport costs. The new destinations could have included Barcelona, Malaga, Sicily and Gothenburg. Budapest Airport, however, rejected this offer, therefore, Ryanair decided to leave Budapest beginning in October, just as it leaves Prague airport earlier for similar reasons.

Budapest Airport Spokesman Károly Szilágyi told MTI that he does not expect Ryanair to leave a vacancy on the market for low-cost airlines as competitors have been expanding and announcing new flights. (MTI-Econews)