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Ryanair to expand services from new hub

Ryanair Holdings PLC said Thursday it was expanding its route network for its newest hub in Bremen, northwest Germany.

Europe's largest no-frills airline said it planned to open seven new routes in mid-September, taking the total number of routes to 18, just weeks after opening services in Bremen. New twice-weekly services would link Bremen with Alghero in Sardinia and Trapani in Sicily; three-times weekly with the Slovak capital of Bratislava, Malta and Stockholm; four-times weekly with Italy's financial capital, Milan; and daily with Paris. It said this would mean basing a third Boeing 737-800 in Bremen. Sean Coyle, Ryanair's director of scheduled revenue, said the expansion plan would mean „even more choice and even more low fares for German consumers who want to escape from the high fares and fuel surcharges of Lufthansa.” (