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Ryanair to connect East Midlands with Budapest

Starting on 31 October, Ryanair will have a weekly four flights which will carry passengers between the East Midlands airport and Budapest.

This is the third scheduled flight of the low-cost carrier to and from Hungary, as the London and Frankfurt flights from Sármellék (FlyBalaton) have already proved their worth as Hungarian National Tourist Office (HNTO) reported. The carrier predicts 60,000 passengers - 55-60% British travellers - in the first year of operation on this route. The East Midlands connection is the 52nd low-cost destination available from Budapest Airport, but Ryanair is in negotiations with other airports and flights and a new announcement is expected this month.

The launch of Ryanair's new route was backed by the Hungarian National Tourist Office, as the national tourism marketing office has been negotiating with the carrier for some time. The HNTO will offer help in destination promotion just as it did with Lufthansa's FlyBalaton connections. Both parties will earmark a fund to promote the flights, but the HNTO is hoping that other tourism suppliers will join the scheme. Furthermore, the proposed Air Marketing Fund may also start soon. The precise marketing tools will be decided when the full budget is known, but online campaigns will receive special emphasis. (