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Ryanair seeks assurances over planned strike at Charleroi

Ryanair Holdings Plc is seeking assurances that Belgium's regional Wallonia government will keep Charleroi airport open on December 21 during a strike by government-employed security personnel.

„Over 8,000 passengers face flight cancellations and having their Christmas holidays ruined by the closure of the airport,” Ryanair, Europe's biggest low-cost airline, said in a statement released by e-mail today. Ryanair said workers are planning to close the airport in two days in a labor dispute. Strikes at the airport last year caused „intolerable disruption” to passengers, the Dublin-based airline said. Michael Cawley, Ryanair's deputy CEO, said the carrier was calling on the regional authorities to confirm that federal security personnel or police would be brought in to assure the continuity of services at the airport. (Bloomberg)