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Romania's construction sector to surpass agriculture in GDP for first time

Construction sector is expected to grow by 17% in 2007, surpassing the farming sector in terms of percentage of GDP, the Romanian National Commission of Prognosis said Thursday.

„Construction will stay in 2007, and in the years to come as well, the sector with the most significant growth rate,” said Ion Ghizdeanu, chairman of the agency. „We have estimated a rise in the gross added value in construction by 17%, which will result in the sector overtaking agriculture for the first time, in terms of percentage of the GDP,” Ghizdeanu added. Job vacancies in the construction sector increased by 30.6% in the Q1 of this year, as compared with the Q1 in 2006. The increase was supported especially by maintenance and repair work (43.6%) and rebuilding (32.2%).(