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Romania leads in European construction sector’s growth

Romania recorded this year the highest annual pace growth in the field of construction works (37.5%) in the European Union, the national Rompres news agency reported on Monday citing Eurostat statistics.

According to the cited statistics, Romania is followed at a distance by Great Britain (7.7%) and Slovenia (4.6%).Biggest declines were recorded by Sweden (minus 10%), Portugal (minus 4.7%) and Spain (minus 4.4%) In the European Union (EU 27) construction works reflected in September 2007 an advance of 2.5% compared to September 2006. In September 2007 as against August 2007, construction works showed a rise of 0.1% in the European Union. In this case as well, Romania ranges in the top, with an increase of 2.0%, outrun only by Slovakia (3.2%), but ahead of Germany (0.7%). At the opposite pole there are Great Britain (minus 6.7%), Portugal (minus 5.2%) and Poland (minus 3.4%).

The euro zone (EA 13) recorded in September 2007 an annual growth pace of construction works of 1.5%, whereas compared to August 2007 the output in construction sector remained at a stable level. According to the data presented by Romania’s National Institute of Statistics, construction works implemented in Romania, in September 2007, showed a jump of 37.1% in real terms, from September 2006. (