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Road haulage companies to raise prices after excise tax hike

Road haulage companies are sure to raise their prices a few percent but could hike rates as much as 15% because of an increase in the excise tax for diesel and rising vehicle fuel prices, industry insiders told MTI on Monday.

Excise tax content of a liter of diesel climbed from HUF 90.5 to HUF 97.35 from January 1, raising prices at the pump by about HUF 9 per liter, Econews calculated. The excise tax content for petrol was also raised.

Road haulage prices should rise about 2.5% just because of the higher excise tax, deputy chief of the Hungarian Road Haulage Association (MKFE) Gábor Karmos told MTI. Fuel accounts for about 40% of domestic road haulage costs, he added.

Gábor Dittel of trade association NIT Hungary said prices would probably rise 10-15% because of the higher excise tax.

Péter Peredi of FUVOSZ, which also represents road haulage companies, said the price rise could reach 8-10% taking into account both the excise tax and higher vehicle fuel prices. (MTI-ECONEWS)