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Reva Health Network generates $1 mln of medical tourism business every week

Reva Health Network, the world's leading Medical Tourism search engine, generates in excess of $1 million of business for hospitals and clinics worldwide every week. With a choice of over 200 Healthcare Providers in 30 different countries, thousands of patients have used Reva to find the right hospital or clinic for their healthcare needs.

The Medical Tourism market is currently valued at over $20 billion dollars annually and is experiencing double digit annual growth. Patients are choosing to escape long waiting lists and expensive doctor's and dentist's fees in their home countries. Last year in America alone 500,000 people became medical tourists and over a million overseas patients were treated in both in Hungary and in Thailand. “The growth of our health network has been phenomenal,” said Caelen King, CEO of Reva Health Network. “We have new hospitals and clinics joining our network on a daily basis and an ever increasing number of consumers looking for quality information. The strong desire for affordable healthcare coupled with our easily searchable directory is creating massive opportunities for international healthcare providers. This market can only grow and grow.”

From California to India, potential patients are searching Reva's database for every conceivable type of treatment, from cosmetic surgery to cardiology. Dental treatments in Hungary and Poland are particularly popular for patients from Western Europe, whereas dentists and cosmetic surgeons in Costa Rica and Mexico are very much in demand with the US market. The value of each individual treatment varies, but typical costs are in the region of $3000 to $4000. This can represent a massive saving of up to 70% on the cost of treatment compared to their home country.

Reva Health Network is the world's leading Medical Tourism search engine, allowing consumers to easily compare and be put directly in contact with their chosen Hospital or Clinic. By providing customers with informed choices and capturing their medical and contact details, Reva generates a steady stream of fully qualified sales prospects for the members of its network. (