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Ratipur to double production in greenfield investment

Auto components maker Ratipur is set to launch a greenfield investment to build a 4,700-sqm plant in Komló, south Hungary, in a bid to meet growing demand, business daily Napi Gazdaság reported.

Ratipur will lay the cornerstone for the project in April. The investment is valued at several hundred million forints, part of which will be bankrolled with EU funds.

Neither Raitur nor the local government was available for comment, the paper said.

Established by Austria’s Polytec Holding AG in 1989, Ratipur manufactures polyurethane components, including cabin floor mats and fender parts.

Ratipur currently has a 4,600-sqm plant and over 200 employees. It supplies parts to BMW, Suzuki and Progress Europe B.V., among other companies.