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Railway strike has little impact on MÁV Cargo traffic

The strike of rail union VDSzSz that began at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday has had little impact on the traffic of MÁV Cargo, the spun-off freight unit of Hungarian state-owned railway company MÁV, a MÁV Cargo official told MTI on Monday morning.

The official said that striking railway workers had disrupted the circulation of only 10% of MÁV Cargo's trains so far on Monday.

The strike has severely disrupted railway traffic operated by MÁV passenger unit MÁV Start on Monday morning, though has had no impact on trains operated by jointly Hungarian-Austrian state-owned regional railway GySEV.

The railway workers' union is demanding that MÁV employees receive HUF 250,000 each, or a combined HUF 8 billion, from the HUF 102.5 billion in revenue generated from the sale of MÁV Cargo, MÁV's spun-off freight unit, and a retroactive 10% outsourcing compensation. (MTI – Econews)