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Radio employees hold strike

The employees of public radio Magyar Rádió Rt held a two-hour token strike on Thursday in protest against planned lay-offs and downsizing of the organization, as well as for higher wages. Vice-President János Hollós visited the striking employees gathering for the duration of the stoppage in the Marble Hall of the radio building, and thanked them for conducting the strike “according to democratic tradition,” but said that he did not agree with their demands. Gábor Gellért Kis, governor of the public foundation controlling the radio, noted that the national medium employed a larger than necessary staff, and “this situation cannot be maintained in the long run.” Peter Borenich, head of Magyar Rádió's employee council, said the strike had been successful in focusing attention to their problems, and said that over 400 employees had joined the initiative. Magyar Rádió now has 1,350 full-time staff members, 800 of whom are members of trade unions.