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Production at Nemak Győr plant could start in April

Production at Nemak Győr's new HUF 1.6 billion cylinder head production hall could start in mid-April, managing director Gábor Mersich told MTI on Tuesday.

The machinery is already being installed in the hall, Mersich said.

Nemak Győr has made about a hundred new hires since October to work in the new hall, bringing headcount to 850, but the number “could rise over a thousand” in the long term, he said.

The investment will raise production capacity from an annual 1.8 million units to 2.2 million.

The company won a HUF 550 million grant from the New Hungary Development Plan for the investment.

Nemak Győr is based in Győr (NW Hungary), home to the Hungarian unit of German car maker Audi.