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Preordering for Kinect starts in Hungary

Microsoft is preparing for this fall's relaunch of Xbox as a motion-sensing console.

Video gamers in Hungary may now pre-order Kinect, the new controller accessory to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming console.

The IT giant launches the product hoping to capitalize on the popularity of Nintendo’s Wii, which gained huge popularity among gamers for its control mechanism, which involves players physically replicating actions in games.

Kinect goes one step further in that it sports motion sensors, making the players’ body the actual controller.

Microsoft has started receiving orders from Hungary for bundles and separate sensors, too. A package containing a four-gigabyte Xbox 360 console and Kinect plus the Kinect Adventures game is sold for HUF 89,990. A separate Kinect sensor with the game is offered for HUF 59,990.

At the time of the actual launch in the fall, Microsoft will put 15 Kinect-compatible games on the market. (BBJ)