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Porsche sells cars worth over €600 mln in Romania

Car importer Porsche Romania posted a turnover of over €600 million in the first 7 months of 2008, generated by the sale of 34,036 cars, according to the estimates, according to local Financiarul.

The best-selling make was Skoda, with 15,361 cars sold, and the best-selling model of the make was Octavia II, by 6,288 units, followed by Octavia Tour, by 4,172 units. Audi, the premium brand of VW-Audi group, recorded in the said interval sales of 1,777 units, up 13% versus the same period of 2007. The new Audi A4 was the best-selling model, by 801 units, twice more versus the similar period of 2007.

Volkswagen, the second make of the German carmaker, recorded on the local market a 2% rise to 14,438 units sold. The best-selling model of the make was VW Polo, by 3,028 units. Seat recorded in the first seven months sales of some 2,400 units, to which contributed also the new Ibiza, whose July’s sales stood at 53 units.

The sales of the Porsche make recorded a slight decline in the first 7 months to 79 units as compared with 84 units sold in the same period of 2007. In July, the month when the new pollution tax took effect, the sales of Porsche Romania reached the level of 5,564 units, up 1.3% against June but down 1% against July 2007. “July’s sales of Porsche Romania were not affected by the coming into effect of the new pollution tax, and they continued their growth pace versus the previous month”, said Brent Valmar, the CEO of Porsche Romania.

Within the car fleet renewal program, subsidized by the state and started on 1 June, Porsche Romania participated this year 5,886 cars, out of which 2,789 Skodas and 2,159 Volkswagens. According to Brent Valmar, the dealership network of Porsche Romania will reach this year over 100 dealerships from over 90 at present. Porsche Romania is the importer of Audi, Porsche, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen car makes.

Porsche Romania started its activity in November 1997 with eight employees.

At the start of this year, Porsche Romania announced the reaching of the 200,000-cars-sold mark in 10 years of activity. (Financiarul)