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Porr not leaving Hungary

As opposed to previous reports from the media, Austrian construction company Porr is not planning to pull out of Hungary, Porr Építési Kft’s managing director István Magyar said in a press release today.

Despite the global crisis having an impact on Hungary and on the construction industry in particular, Porr has been able to maintain its stable position, Magyar claimed.

Although Porr’s management sees certain indications from the governement suggesting that it would favor Hungarian companies over firms with foreign ownership, it hopes that investment decisions will not be made based on political aspects but will be driven by other factors such as quality, price and preparedness.

Moreover, „International companies operating in Hungary give jobs to thousands of Hungarian employees,” Magyar emphasized.

Earlier, CEO Karl-Heinz Strauss said in an interview published in Austrian business daily Wirtschaftsblatt that he considered Hungary critical. „It is possible we will have to pull out. The government has objections to the M6 motorway, which we built, but in my opinion, the problems are not of a technical nature but of a political one. We carried out the contract entirely appropriately,” Strauss told the paper.