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Poker in business life

Stylishly, CEO Péter Vitézy, in the company of Marcell Kardos and Gábor Huszty introduced the new training of Develor Consulting Zrt, called „Situation-evaluation and decision-control training” in the Danapark Café’s art deco Poker-room.

This new training of Develor Consulting Zrt adapts the basic rules of game theory, mathematics and decision mechanism of poker in the different situations of business life. Would the situation be familiar if we changed the poker-table to an oval glass, business-table? Let’s just think it over… why would somebody be successful there? What could a businessman benefit from poker? What could poker-knowledge add to a B2B businessman? It is pretty sure that many businessmen wished to have the ability of foretelling the partners’ next move, or to read the opponents’ mind.

To find poker and a business meeting parallel will not be difficult at all. A successful salesperson needs similar abilities to a poker-player. The poker table is the market, where ‘gamblers’ – just like companies - have to fight for success from little resources, and little information using the maximum of their abilities. Experience shows that salespersons and poker-players have to deal with similar decision dilemmas during their activities. To achieve the right solution, the expected optimum they walk the same path, their decision-making model is the same.

In Develor’s training participants learn the world’s most well known strategic game: Texas Hold’em. Learning and practicing the game they get to know the strategic elements of poker, improving their conscious and situation-based negotiation strategies, decision-making and systematic-thinking. The training lasts for two days, while participants learn to analyze the negotiations by new points of views, and avoid the traps of decision-making.