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Plotinus reports 8% rise in net assets

The board of Hungarian holding company Plotinus, which floated its shares at the Budapest Stock Exchange on February 15, said Thursday that the company's net assets rose at least 8% rise according to a fresh estimate compared to the latest announcement. Plotinus reported an estimated drop of at least 8% in net assets on April 19.

Net assets stood at HUF 433 million or HUF 1,562 per share, including all and not only ordinary shares and calculated at book value as of April 27.

The figures compare to net assets of HUF 410 million and net assets value of HUF 1,445 according to the April 18 estimate.

The board said that the figures includes non-realized yet uncompleted investments and positions as well the estimated tax and interest obligations and receivables, they are still a preliminary estimate, and may change considerably in each direction.

The company reported net assets of HUF 424 million at the end of last year, up HUF 70 million in one year, in its flash annual report released on February 22.

In addition to the 256,756 floated ordinary shares, Plotinus also has 26,739 voting preference shares and 200 dividend preference shares.