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Pfizer to award top Hungarian researchers

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer's Hungarian unit is to offer partnership to a selected number of Hungarian researchers and their projects based on their application to the company's recent grant call. These partnerships will mark a new era in Pfizer's R&D strategy.

"We were impressed with the quality of the applications," highlighted Alex Fowkes, executive director of Pfizer's Asia R&D business development and operations. Fowkes took part of the pharmaceutical company's special conference held to inform the applicants of the award about the details of the research partnership strategy and about the current research projects going on at Pfizer.

The company got over 140 applications for its call ended in mid-December including various projects from the fields of oncology, cardiovascular research, neuroscience, pharmaceutical science, vaccines and technology. The majority of the applicants, about 90% were from academic institutes and only a small percent of the industry was represented.

Pfizer did not specify the number of projects to fund, but 5 will surely be awarded by Pfizer Hungary from a total budget of HUF 170 million and with one award going to the best project of a young researcher. Besides the prizes, the company hopes to establish a long term communication with the scientists. "The success of this grant is partnership," said Fowkes, adding that it means a clear agreement with all project owners and the company.

The winners of the grants are to be decided in early February, but the dialogue about the best proposals that fit in Pfizers specific R&D strategy will continue and hopefully end with a partnership in the near future. (BBJ Online)