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Pesti Est on the rise, Exit on the slide

According to Szonda Ipsos/GfK, free Budapest program guide Pesti Est is increasingly popular among readers since its renewed design appeared on the displays in the summer.

The other guides of the portfolio are showing just the same tendency: while Pesti Est’s gain is 13%, the other local publications registered a 12% increase. Exit, on the other hand, seems to be losing its initial momentum and in the last quarter the number of readers decreased by 9% or 15,000.

The number of Est publications’ readers was 400,000 in the first half of 2009, meaning a 70% market share among program guides and reflecting the same share of the advertising revenues. Reaching this amount of readers, Est publications earned themselves the 15th place on the whole press market regarding reading, ahead of such products as HVG, Népszabadság or international brands like Cosmopolitan, National Geographic or FHM.

Est Media Group, owned 100% by Nyrt will execute the same fundamental changes to site that were developed for the design and content of the print publications. With the synergies of the print and online portfolio EMG plans to further increase its market share and expand the group of readers especially in the 18-39 age group. (BBJ Online)