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Pécs-Pogány reduces operating hours, plans to lay off staff

The Pécs-Pogány airport in southern Hungary curtailed the facility's opening hours by two hours per day on November 1, while the airport will lay off 9 of its 35 employees on November 15, downgrading 16 of the airport's remaining 26 workers to part-time status on that date, Márk Dragovacz, the CEO of the company that operates Pécs-Pogány, told MTI.

Dragovacz said that the measures will reduce the Pécs-Pogány airport's operating expenses by HUF 50 million (€183,135) per year, noting that the airport's owners, the local councils of Pécs, Pogány and Baranya county (S Hungary), still hope to sell the facility.

The Pécs-Pogány airport receives 2,000-2,500 flights per year, while foreigners constitute 30% of the airport's passenger traffic. (Reuters)