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Paper names companies in Malév contract investigation

Charter Corporation, Seabury APG and an unnamed company with links to a former member of national carrier Malév's board of directors are the subject of a probe by Hungary's national investigation office NNI launched after questionable contracts signed by the airline's previous management were reported by Malév CEO Martin Gauss, business daily Napi Gazdaság reported.

Gauss said in April that the airline was reviewing the contracts, and he confirmed a press report that a party had been reported to the NNI.

Napi Gazdaság said Charter Corporation had worked for Malév or one year for HUF 800m and Seabury had worked for the airline for 18 month for several hundred million forints. But little evidence was found of any work done by the companies. The contract with the company linked to Malév's former board member was also worth several hundred million forints, the paper said. (MTI – Econews)