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Paid content on the rise

ClickandBuy, which has been a partner of Apple iTunes since 2005 and the online payment system for SPIEGEL since 2002, enables SPIEGEL readers to pay conveniently and securely for the new purchasable iPhone App. The added value of the paid content offer is that it makes the purchasable version of the current edition of SPIEGEL available for download every Saturday evening.

iPhone and iPod Touch customers are now able to read the current edition of SPIEGEL from 10pm on a Saturday evening, before it appears in print the following Monday. During the introductory phase the full version of SPIEGEL will cost €2.99 to download and from the end of March 2010 an individual issue will be available to buy for €3.99. A mini-subscription of four issues is available at a cost of €9.60 and a regular subscription charged at €3.65 per issue.

The new e-reader, which has been designed specifically for SPIEGEL, presents the magazine in a format that has been optimised for the iPhone and iPod Touch, thereby ensuring even long articles can be read comfortably. The SPIEGEL App (approx. 5 MB) can be downloaded via WLAN or 3G in less than a minute and saved on the iPhone. This enables customers to read SPIEGEL even if there's no internet connection or if they wish to avoid expensive data connections while abroad. In the future, subscribers who currently use ClickandBuy to purchase the SPIEGEL e-paper on the Internet will also be able to access it via the e-reader application, which has been developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

ClickandBuy, as a long-term partner of Apple iTunes, sees another milestone in the trend towards paid content. "We are only seeing the beginning of paid content for published items. With quality offers directed at target groups and the corresponding pricing models, paid content will soon be able to make the breakthrough," ClickandBuy CEO Charles Fraenkl commented on this very positive development from the perspective of an online payment system with a decade of experience. (press release)