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OTP Health Fund strengthens position in spite of crisis

OTP Health Insurance Fund strengthened its positions last year in spite of the economic crisis, the health fund told MTI.

The fund had more than 148,000 members at the end of 2009, with assets exceeding HUF 8.127 billion. Although 2,481 members quit the fund last year, 15,049 new members joined.

The value of the services financed by the fund rose by more than 37% to HUF 6.654 billion in 2009.

Spending on pharmaceuticals accounted for 57% of the services, with spending on medical aids making up 24%.

The number of services covered by OTP Health Insurance Fund exceeded 61,000 at close to 8,000 health practitioners. The number of card acceptance points exceeded 5,000.

The health fund had total revenues of more than HUF 8.12 billion in 2009, 14.5% more than one year earlier. Employers contributed 63.52% of the revenues used for financing services, with members contributing 21.39%, 7.35% coming from tax refunds and 7.74% from other revenues. Operating revenues fell 2.55% last year, however, annual operating expenditures dropped 20.7% from one year earlier.

Only 51 employers terminated their contracts with OTP health insurance fund (affecting 1,294 members) and the fund concluded new contracts with 765 employers.

OTP Health Insurance Fund, operating since May 2002, has been market leader in terms of the number of its members since mid-2005 and in terms of the value of assets since 2006. (MTI – Econews)