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Orient Solar to build HUF 2 billion assembly plant in Eastern Hungary

Hungarian-Chinese joint venture Orient Solar will build a HUF 2 billion solar-cell and -panel assembly plant in Berettyóújfalu (Easten Hungary), company Co-CEO Ferenc Galló told MTI on Wednesday.

Galló said that Orient Solar will hire 300 local employees to install integrated circuitry and plastic and metal components on partially finished solar cells and panels manufactured in China in the 4,000-square-meter plant, which is expected to start production by November.

Orient Solar intends to sell the solar cells and panels in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Croatia.Galló said that Orient Solar would expand production and 700 more workers by 2013 if there is sufficient demand on the market for the company's products.

Hungary-based Chinese businessman Hu Bi Feng serves as the company's other Co-CEO.