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Opel, Zastava to seal deal on Astra

Representatives from Opel visited the Zastava Motors factory in Kragujevac looking to seal a deal on cooperation in assembling cars.

The experts from the German automotive giant were in the town in order to reach a firm agreement with their Serbian counterparts over preparations for the assembly of Opel Astra Classic cars in the Kragujevac factory, due to begin at the end of this year, Zastava Director Zoran Stošić said in a statement for Tanjug on Tuesday.

“The technical team’s visit is in keeping with the annex to the contract signed between the Zastava Motors Group and General Motors in July last year, which stipulated assistance to Zastava with the objective of transferring Opel technology to Kragujevac for the assembly of the Opel Astra Classic,” Stošić explained.

Zastava AGeM was formed in order to implement the contract between the Zastava Motors Group and General Motors signed on July 19, 2007, which specified that assembly of the Opel Astra Classic would begin at the Kragujevac factory in the third quarter of 2008.

1,500 models are planned for the first quarter, and 5,000 the following year. (B92)