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Opel base in Hungary produces 30% more engines in 2012

German carmaker Opel produced 293,000 engines at its base in Szentgotthárd (W Hungary) last year, 30% more than in 2011, plant director Tamás Solti said at a press conference on Tuesday.

About half of the engines were shipped to General Motors plants in North America and Mexico, Solti said.

This year, the proportion of overseas deliveries are expected to grow as the unit ships engines to China, Australia and Thailand, too, he added.

Opel will start serial production of 1.6-liter petrol engines at a recently inaugurated €500 million expansion in Szentgotthárd on February 8, Solti said. Production of 1.6-liter diesel engines will start later in the year, he added.

Opel inaugurated the new plant in Szentgotthárd in September.

Last year, Opel led Hungary's car and light commercial vehicle market, selling 7,775 units to give it 12.2% market share, said Opel Magyarország managing director Gábor Koncz. Sales were up 26% from 2011, he added.