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Opel announces €130 mln expansion in Hungary

German carmaker Opel on Tuesday announced a €130 million expansion at its base in Szentgotthárd. The expansion, announced by Opel Vice President Joachim Koschnicke and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, will add another 1,600sqm of production space at the base, creating more than 100 jobs. The expansion will raise engine output at the base by a hundred thousand units a year, Koschnicke said. Opel has invested about €1.4 billion in Szentgotthard since 1990, he added. Opel will make 23 new models and 13 new types of engines in the coming years, he said. Orbán noted that Opel's decision on the expansion, taken less than six months after the company inaugurated a €500 million engine plant at the base, shows that companies already in Hungary "know that the Hungarian economy is predictable". Orbán said the cabinet would accelerate the process of road construction underway supporting a connection between the plant and the main No. 8 road.