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Onyx incinerates 6% more waste in 2005

Onyx Magyarország Environmental Kft, which operates Hungary's biggest hazardous waste incinerator in Dorog, northwest of Budapest, burned 6% more waste in 2005 than a year earlier, while its revenue rose almost 10% to Ft 3.4 billion, the company announced on Saturday. Onyx incinerated 33,000 tons of hazardous waste and 620,000 tons of normal refuse in 2005.


Onyx incinerates the waste of some 1,300 companies, including that of the country's biggest drug makers. The company employs 92 people. Onyx spent Ft 493 million on developments last year, including Ft 300 million spent on replacing a smokestack and build a storage facility. All of the equipment at the incinerator meets the EU’s emissions requirements, which came into force last summer. Hot-burning waste at the incinerator is used to power a turbine, generating 5 GWh of electricity, enough to cover all of the facility's requirements. Onyx is owned by Sarp Industries/Onyx, part of the France's Veolia, the world's largest waste water company.