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Only 5% of fruit crop left in Szabolcs

Cold weather and frost in early May have wiped out up to 95%of the fruit and walnut crop in Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg County, a big fruit-growing area in Hungary, Laszlo Matyas, of the county government's farm office, told MTI on Friday.

Between 35% and 100% of this year's harvest has been lost in orchards on 24,000 hectares, Mr Matyas said. This adds up to HUF 18bn in lost revenue, he added.

About 94% of the apple crop on 15,772 hectares has been lost. The loss ratio is 95%for walnuts, 67% for plums, 76% for pears, 71% for cherries, 68% for sour cherries and 55% for peaches.

Fruit prices can be expected to rise significantly a result of the damages, Mr Matyas said.