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Nutex board member raises company stake to over 5%

István Huber, a member of the board of directors of Hungarian dietary supplement maker Nutex, said late Tuesday its voting rights in the company surpassed 5%, the reporting limit, on August 25.

Huber's voting rights rose to 5.01%, including 4.25% in direct and 0.76% in indirect holding. Huber raised the number of shares directly held by 10,000 to 90,000 while his indirect holding remained 16,000 shares.

Other shareholders holding more than 5% at the end of June were Raltex Ltd., holding 29.21% of the shares and Reich Continental Llc holding 8.2%. The latter company also held 16.53% of voting preference shares.

The shares of Nutex, formerly known as Humet, are traded in category "B" of the Budapest Stock Exchange.