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Number of mobile phone subscriptions increases to 9.47 mln in July

The number of mobile telephone subscriptions rose 22,000 to 9.469 million in July compared to June, the National Telecommunications Authority (NHH) announced on Friday.

The number of mobile phone subscriptions per 100 people rose to 94 in July from 93.7 in June. Based on the number of subscribers, wireless services company T-Mobile was the market leader with a 45.23% share in July, albeit down from 45.3% in June. Pannon's share of the market rose to 33.49% from 33.28%, and Vodafone's share fell to 21.28% from 21.42%.
The number of active subscribers, that is, those who made or received a call or a text message in the preceding three months, was 8.834 million at the end of July, up from 8.807 million at the end of June. Among active subscribers, T-Mobile's share of the market was 45.33% at the end of July, unchanged from a month earlier. Pannon's share fell to 33.4% from 33.47%, and Vodafone's share rose to 21.27% from 21.20%.
3,938 subscribers switched providers while keeping their telephone number during the month, taking advantage of number portability laws introduced in May 2004.